Our Story: How Caveman Became A Top Rated Wedding Band Design Team

Caveman at Heart.
I am Caveman. I like my meat grilled, my life simple and my friendships rich.

Caveman Gets Hurt.
Unfortunately sometimes even cavemen face injuries. In 2016, I hurt my back lifting weights, and needed physical therapy.
Bills were mounting and life was hard. What's a caveman to do?

Caveman Discovers Fire.
A caveman doesn't just curl up in his cave. No, he beats his chest, swings his club and conquers the beast.
Physical Therapy helped me so much that I decided enroll in school to become a PT myself. I asked Cavewoman to marry me and She said "yes", so I got serious about wedding band designs. In fact I discovered I love designing rings from exotic woods such as olive, whiskrey barrel, white oak and more. At night around tbe fire I studied the art of combining different metals such as tungston, titanium, black zirconium and ceramics.

Caveman Learns to Barter.
As my passion for design grew, so did my online business. Neighbor cavemen liked my clean manly designs and the quality of my product, their friends wanted Caveman rings too, and an online community was born.

Caveman Makes Friends.
Our humble business has grown into an ever expanding online community. Caveman Bands now has a team that prides itself in high quality products, excellent customer service, and a personal Caveman touch. Enter the Cave, try our products, and join the Caveman Band community! Cavewoman added veges to the table, but we still like our meat grilled, our life simple and our friendships rich!